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2020 New York Pandemic Mets - Cheap and Broken

There is no one cheaper franchise in the entire sports world than the New York Mets and this weekend really proved why the cheapness will never allow the Mets to compete for a World Series until there is a change in ownership. The 2020 Pandemic Mets just made the last place (now 3rd place) Phillies look like the next coming of the 1998 Yankees with the 3 game sweep in Philadelphia this weekend.

Now this is great for my future bet of the Phillies winning the World Series but this is not ideal for my beloved New York Mets. The Phillies bullpen came into the series as one of the worst in the league with ERAs ranging from a 7.88 to 21.00, yet the Mets managed to score just 9 runs in the 3 games, 5 of which came in Friday's brutal loss due to Wilson Ramos being the absolute worst catcher in the Major Leagues.

I don't want to go off on a tangent because this blog was about to be about the organization being cheap and how not trading Zack Wheeler last year at the deadline and then not attempting to sign him this off season was the dumbest thing of all time but I am about to sound off on Wilson Ramos.

How in the world is this guy still playing in the Major Leagues?! First off, It takes him about 7 seconds to get to first base, which wouldn't be a huge deal if he could drive some thing into the gap every once and a while but instead if there is a runner on first-base its almost a guaranteed ground ball and an automatic double play. It pains me to see the guy run to first-base day in and day out. How about we play Tomas Nido who played great on Thursday night (hitting two taters) and has only since the field once since. Wouldn't that be nice?!

And don't get me started on this guys catching abilities. Ramos is only 33 years old but has the hip flexibility of a 90 year old man. He can't get low enough to catch the low strike and he clearly can't low enough to make a tag at home plate to send the game to extra innings (as seen on Friday night). Plus he can't block and has a decent arm at best, so what are his strengths? Who really knows at this point.

Luckily for Mets fans, there is a club option at the end of 2020 for Ramos, where they can buy him out for $1.5M. You know who also becomes a free agent at the end of 2020? JT Realmuto, which would be the perfect fit for the Mets.

Which now leads me to what the point of this blog was supposed to be. The Mets are so cheap and broken that they will not be willing to buy-out Wilson Ramos for $1.5M and they will also be no where close when it comes to the bidding for JT Realmuto because "The contract and market that he will enjoy will be more than the Mets appetite level is" (Thanks a lot Brodie).

That last quote or paraphrased quote was the one that Brodie Van Wagenen used when stating why he didn't go after Zack Wheeler this off season, who absolutely shoved it up the Mets butt-holes yesterday afternoon. Wheeler is now 3-0 with a sub 3.00 ERA. The guys we decided to keep and sign ahead of him were Steve Matz (who can't win a game), Rick Procello (Who can't keep the ball in the ballpark, but don't forget, he did win a Cy Young!), Marcus Stroman (who is a free agent after this year and has opted out) and Michael Wacha (who is an average pitcher who is now hurt).

Oh and lets not forget that if he knew he wasn't going to sign him after this year, HE COULD HAVE TRADED HIM AT THE DEADLINE. The market was there! But instead Brodie tried to put all his eggs in 2019's basket while the Mets were still 5 games out of a playoff spot (18% chance of making the playoffs according to FanGraphs) and came up way short with nothing to show for it. At least we will get a compensation pick in next years draft for losing Wheeler, which I am sure will amount to nothing.

Every other team in the NL East is spending to win a World Series and the Mets continue to be like an elderly couple trying to make it just in time for the early bird special. Discounted prices but trying to experience the same atmosphere and enjoyment as everyone else.

We have always known the Mets were cheap or at least have been in recent years but this is starting to get out of hand.

PLEASE Uncle Steve, buy the Mets, man. We need someone to save us. The fact that we are acting so poor in the biggest city in all of sports is so tough to watch but when it all comes together and the Mets finally win a World Series (probably not in my lifetime), It will all be worth the pain and suffering. Ya Gotta Believe.

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