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#ACsBadPicks College Baseball Regional Edition (that may actually win)

So as most of you know I am the worst gambler in the history of sports gambling BUT the one time of year I usually come out on top is College World Series tournament time. This year, due to COVID, most teams had a more regionalized schedule making the difference between the power 5 conferences and the mid-majors greater than ever. I won't bore you with any lengthy analysis but will give some regional winner predictions and some opening round betting picks (for the lines that have been released). Check back all week on Twitter for more picks (@ACirillo_21). HERE WE GO:

Fayetteville Region:

This one is the easiest of them all. No one is touching Arkansas in this region and they may not have a competitive game until the CWS. NJIT won their conference tournament because the championship game got rained out and were only 26-22, playing mediocre competition. Easy money on Arkansas day 1.

Bet of Day 1: Arkansas -6.5 Runs over NJIT

Fayetteville Region Winner: Arkansas

Fayetteville Region Runner-up: Nebraska.

Ruston Region

This region is going to be a battle, minus Rider, as we have a solid NC State team and a battle tested Alabama team trying to knock off Louisiana Tech. Although I think it will come down to day 2 of a championship game I see Louisiana Tech coming out on top and heading to the Supers next weekend.

Bet of Day 1: La Tech -3.5 runs over Rider

Ruston Region Winner: Louisiana Tech

Ruston Region Runner-up: Alabama

Stanford Region

I will be honest, I haven't watched a ton of west coast college baseball this year but I am going with UC Irvine here to win the region based off of history alone. Stanford is having a solid year but UC Irvine's style of play seems to come out on top a lot this time of year and for that reason Stanford is out.

Bet of Day 1: UC Irvine ML -150

Stanford Region Winner: UC Irvine

Stanford Region Runner-up: Stanford

Lubbock Region:

This is another interesting regional. I really like Texas Tech but you cannot sleep on UCLA and although UNC has had a tough year they are in every ball game and have the offensive fire power to hang in there with anyone. This is anyone's region and actually like the future of UNC +750 for its value but I am going to go chalk here and take Texas Tech to win it. Army has essentially played no one this year but I do like them to cover on day 1

Bets of day1: Army +6.5 over Tech , UNC +195

Lubbock Region Winner: Texas Tech

Lubbock Region Runner-up: UNC

Tucson Region:

I know Arizona is having a great year but the SEC will be king in June which is why I have Oklahoma State winning this region. Grand Canyon is a scrappy team and I think they will hang in there with Arizona in the opening round. May learn their way +2.5 but we will see as it gets closer to game time.

Bet of Day 1: Ok State -1.5 over UCSB

Tucson Region Winner: Oklahoma State

Tucson Region Runner-up: Arizona

Oxford Region:

This one should be no contest for Ole Miss. Maybe Southern Miss pushes them to a game 2 in a championship game but probably not. Smooth sailing for the Rebels.

Bet of Day 1: Southern Miss +1.5 over FSU, Ole Miss -3.5 over SE Missouri State

Oxford Region Winner: Ole Miss

Oxford Region Runner-up: Southern Miss

Greenville Region:

East Carolina is overrated. Shouldn't be a national seed in my opinion. I LOVE Charlotte to come out on top here and move to next weekend. They have been playing very well and should be able to handle Maryland and ECU.

Bet of Day 1: Charlotte ML -125

Greenville Region Winner: Charlotte

Greenville Region Runner-up: ECU

Nashville Region:

One of the favorites to win it all, the Vandy Boys, should be able to come out on top this weekend although I believe they will be tested by a very good, but young, Georgia Tech team. Looking forward to the super regional in Nashville next weekend.

Bet of day 1: Georgia Tech -1.5 (+140) over Indiana State

Nashville Region Winner: Vandy

Nashville Region Runner-up: Georgia Tech

Austin Region

Although Fairfield has had an incredible season posting a 37-3 record, I believe this one is a two team race with Texas and Arizona State. I like sprinkling a little future on Fairfield at +800 to win the region just to root for the story but both Arizona State and Texas are going to be way too tough for them to handle after beating up on Iona and Monmouth all season.

Austin Region Winner: Texas

Austin Region Runner-up: Arizona State

Gainesville Region:

This is giong to be a great battle as all 4 teams have a chance to win this region but I think once again the 1 seed, Florida Gators, come out on top and even like them to win the whole thing given their matchups and side of the bracket at +3500.

Gainesville Region Winner: Florida Gators

Gainesville Region Runner-up: South Alabama

South Bend Region:

ND has had a tremendous season and deserves to host this region and to have a national seed. I love the way they have been playing but have a feeling that come this weekend Michigan, due to experience in these type of games, will come out on top. UConn to me is a fraudulent team and did not deserve a 2 seed. I got the Wolverines moving on.

South Bend Region Winner: Michigan

South Bend Region Runner-up: Notre Dame

Starkville Region:

This is my favorite region on the board and no its not because of my A-10 bias, its because VCU has won 20+ games in a row and has everything it takes to take down Mississippi St this weekend. Their kryptonite is their bullpen which could cost them but I believe the offense will score enough this weekend to come out on top. Not to mention the A-10 has had two regional winners in the past 4 years.

Starkville Region Winner: VCU

Starkville Region Runner-up: Miss St

Fort Worth Region:

TCU takes this one pretty handily. Not much to talk about here.

Fort Worth Region Winner: TCU

Fort Worth Region Runner-up: Dallas Baptist

Columbia Region:

Old Dominion has bad an incredible season but I don't think they will have all that it takes to take down South Carolina and UVA. UVA has been playing very good baseball and could be peaking at the right time. USC has been battle tested all year and has swept a national seed in Florida this season. Love them to win this region with UVA coming up just short.

Columbia Region Winner: South Carolina

Columbia Region Runner-up: UVA

Eugene Region:

This is an interesting region to me because I don't think Gonzaga is worthy of a 2 seed and LSU has that extra spark of their head coach retiring after the season. I also would not sleep on the 4 seed Central Connecticut as they can swing it. Oregon is the team to beat and I believe they get beat by the Tigers as the Tigers move on to next weekend.

Eugene Region Winner: LSU

Eugene Region Runner-up: Oregon

Knoxville Region

Absolutely love this Duke vs Tennessee matchup but The Vols are going to be a little too much for the Blue Devils to handle. Also love a future on Tennessee to win the whole thing at +1000.

Knoxville Region Winner: Tennessee Vols

Knoxville Region Runner-up: Duke

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