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#ACsBadPicks College World Series Edition

Alright we are back. It's the most wonderful time of the baseball season and this about the only time of year that I feel somewhat confident when making picks. I'll probably wind up just breaking even, as is tradition, but its all about enjoying the ride for the next few weeks. Not going to lie, I got pretty hot during the regionals last year but it all came crashing down once all the mid-majors (always take the runs when its more than 5.5) and weak teams like this years Ole Miss team were eliminated. With that lets strike while the iron is hot these next few days and then just kick back and enjoy the rest of the tournament.

First lets start off by saying that the NCAA selection committee is an absolute joke. Rutgers, NC State and Wofford being left out is a big problem. I also have a problem with a 40+ win Davidson team not getting in but that's my A-10 bias showing a little bit. One of the teams taking a spot from them is Ole Miss who was below .500 in conference, won ZERO games in their conference tournament and somehow got an at large bid. As my Grandma says, its not about what you know its who you know and that same principal applies here. Its not how good you are its how well known your school is for baseball and those SEC fans travel well. Bring in some extra money to those greedy suits of the NCAA and crush the hopes and dreams of kids who worked their asses off this year and earned the right to play this weekend. ITS CRIMINAL. But I digress. Lets get into the picks by region. These will go in order of National Seeds (because that is how its listed on the NCAAs website):

Knoxville Regional hosted by Tennessee

  • #2 Georgia Tech (34-22) vs. #3 Campbell (40-17), 12 p.m., ESPN+

  • #1 Tennessee (53-7) vs. #4 Alabama St (34-23), 6 p.m., SECN

Thanks for coming out Campbell, Georgia Tech and Alabama St! Enjoy the moment, take it all in and book those flights home early because no one is beating Tennessee. Tennessee is -525 to win the regional, which is absolutely absurd but probably should be higher. Campbell does have one of the best SS in the country in Zack Neto and they are my favorite to come in 2nd but I don't think this regional will even be worth watching unless you want to see some teams get dominated.

Runner up: Campbell

Winner: Tennessee (-525)

Stanford Regional hosted by Stanford

  • #1 Stanford (41-14) vs. #4 Binghamton (22-28), 4 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 Texas St. (45-12) vs. #3 UC Santa Barbara (43-12), 9 p.m., ESPN+

This is going to be a great regional to watch. Both Texas St and UCSB have had incredible seasons and hope to see one of them make a run. Stanford is getting hot at the right time but this regional is going to be a blood bath and I believe the battle tested Texas St Bobcats are going to steal this one in Stanford.

Runner up: Stanford

Winner: Texas St (+350)

Corvallis Regional hosted by Oregon State

  • #2 Vanderbilt (36-21) vs. #3 San Diego (36-18), 4 p.m., ESPNU

  • #1 Oregon St. (44-15) vs. #4 New Mexico St. (24-32), 10 p.m., ESPNU

This regional is going to be a two team race with Oregon St and Vandy as the two front runners. Both New Mexico St and San Diego have made it via conference championships and I don't believe either will eb a match for Oregon St and Vandy. Vandy is not the same team they have been the past few years and I believe their office is going to need to get hot at the right time to have any shot at making a run. I never count out Tim Corbin in the postseason which is why I will be taking Vandy here but Oregon St will be a tough out.

Runner up: Oregon St

Winner: Vanderbilt (+185)

Blacksburg Regional hosted by Virginia Tech

  • #2 Gonzaga (36-17) vs. #3 Columbia (30-16), 1 p.m., ESPN+

  • #1 Virginia Tech (41-12) vs. #4 Wright St. (30-25), 7 p.m., ACCN

I have been big on Virginia Tech all year but I think they got a very tough draw here, especially with their first game matchup. Wright St is a legit threat and probably one of the toughest 4-seeds in the tournament. If VT can get past them they then have to face a nationally ranked Gonzaga team who has won some big games this year. Being in Blacksburg I believe will help VT win the regional but this will be a tough one to get out of.

Runner up: Gonzaga

Winner: Virginia Tech (-155)

College Station Regional hosted by Texas A&M

  • #1 Texas A&M (37-18) vs. #4 Oral Roberts (38-18), 2 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 TCU (36-20) vs. #3 Louisiana (36-21), 8 p.m., ESPN+

College Station, from what I understand, is one of the toughest places to play this time of year. One of the best fan bases in all of college baseball with the brutal travel to get to College Station makes this a tough go from any teams that get sent there. Luckily for two of these teams they are staying in state and are familiar with A&M. I think the best team in this regional is TCU but the X-factor is the fanbase. As long as TCU can stay composed, I believe they will move on.

Runner up: Texas A&M

Winner: TCU (+180)

Coral Gables Regional hosted by Miami (Florida)

  • #1 Miami (FL) (39-18) vs. #4 Canisius (29-23), 12 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 Arizona (37-23) vs. #3 Ole Miss (32-22), 7 p.m., ESPNU

Ole Miss being in this tournament is an absolute joke. If Miami shows up they run away with this regional. Only real threat is Arizona. Short and to the point here.

Runner Up: Arizona

Winner: Miami (+100)

Stillwater Regional hosted by Oklahoma St.

  • #2 Arkansas (38-18) vs. #3 Grand Canyon (41-19), 1 p.m., SECN

  • #1 Oklahoma St. (39-20) vs. #4 Missouri St. (30-27), 7 p.m., ESPN+

This to me is going to be one of the better regionals this weekend. 3 very good teams and a tough 4-seed is going to make this a fun one. Biggest problem for Missouri St right now is not the Cowboys but the bed bugs they are fighting in their hotel rooms. The pictures coming out of Stillwater are nightmare fuel, but back to the baseball. I would give the edge to Arkansas if they were hosting but having to face a solid Grand Canyon team (who I don't think should have been in if we are going to focus on RPI but had a solid year) in game one and having to travel to Stillwater makes me think they are in for a rough weekend. I have loved Ok St all year and I think they take this one in their home ballpark.

Runner up: Grand Canyon

Winner: OK St. (+150)

Greenville Regional hosted by East Carolina

  • #1 East Carolina (42-18) vs. #4 Coppin St. (24-28), 1 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 Virginia (38-17) vs. #3 Coastal Carolina (36-18-1), 6 p.m., ESPN+

May not want to take my advice on this one because they only time I intently watched ECU this year they got swept by Bryant in Greenville. They have been very hot as of late and had a great 2nd half of the season but I think Virginia is taking this one. UVA always shows up this time of year and ECU can never get over the hump. I think Coastal is decent but doesn't have enough to knock off ECU or UVA here.

Runner Up: ECU

Winner: UVA (+100)

Austin Regional hosted by Texas

  • #1 Texas (42-19) vs. #4 Air Force (30-27), 2 p.m., LHN

  • #2 Louisiana Tech (42-19) vs. #3 DBU (34-22-1), 7:30 p.m., ESPN+

Dallas Baptist is another team that I don't think should have made it in this year and stole a bid from Rutgers, NC State or Wofford, with that I will completely hold a grudge against them and predict them to lose to a solid Louisiana Tech team. This is a two team race in my opinion but Texas pitching is going to be too strong and they will head off to the supers.

Runner up: LA Tech

Winner: Texas (-120)

Chapel Hill Regional hosted by North Carolina

  • #1 North Carolina (38-19) vs. #4 Hofstra (30-21), 2 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 Georgia (35-21) vs. #3 VCU (40-18), 7 p.m., ESPN+

I personally don't understand how UNC is hosting this year. I think they are the most overrated host this season and with that I think it opens a path up to a solid VCU team to make a run and head to their 2nd super regional in 10 years and no this is not A-10 bias this is just UNC being frauds. Georgia will be in the mix as well but this will be my first big upset with the #3 seed moving on.

Runner Up: Georgia

Winner: VCU (+550)

Hattiesburg Regional hosted by Southern Mississippi

  • #1 Southern Miss. (43-16) vs. #4 Army West Point (31-23), 2 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 LSU (38-20) vs. #3 Kennesaw St. (35-26), 7 p.m., ESPN+

Excited to see Southern Miss hold a regional but their hearts will be broken as my preseason Natty champs, the LSU Tigers, will be moving on. Probably weakest 3-seed in the tournament here, outside of Ole-Miss, and Army won't be a threat. LSU over Southern Miss in the championshio.

Runner Up: Southern Miss

Winner: LSU (+100)

Louisville Regional hosted by Louisville

  • #1 Louisville (38-18-1) vs. #4 Southeast Mo. St. (37-20), 2 p.m., ESPN+

  • #2 Oregon (35-23) vs. #3 Michigan (32-26), 7 p.m., ESPN+

Louisville is another team like ECU that every time I watch them they lose so I am not sure what to make of them but its hard to bet against them here with their matchups. Michigan is playing well right now and I believe they will knock off Oregon on day 1 which will make it an uphill battle for the Ducks to get out of Louisville alive.

Runner up: Michigan

Winner: Louisville (+100)

Gainesville Regional hosted by Florida

  • #2 Oklahoma (37-20) vs. #3 Liberty (37-21), 1 p.m., ESPN+

  • #1 Florida (39-22) vs. #4 Central Mich. (42-17), 6:30 p.m., ESPN+

The group of death (as they say during the World Cup) is in Gainesville this year as all 4 teams can make a run at a regional championship. Liberty can swing it and were ranked pretty high at the beginning of the season. Central Michigan has good experience and have had an incredible year so far. That being said Florida is still a national power and will be tough to beat at home this weekend. I believe we will get a Liberty/Florida final and Florida will take it in game 2.

Runner up: Liberty

Winner: Florida (+110)

Auburn Regional hosted by Auburn

  • #2 UCLA (38-22) vs. #3 Florida St. (33-23), 12 p.m., ESPN2

  • #1 Auburn (37-19) vs. #4 Southeastern La. (30-29), 7 p.m., ESPN+

This one will be another battle as even SE LA has a few big wins at Arkansas, LA Tech and Ole Miss. UCLA is my favorite here although I think it is a toss up between the top 3 seeds. I see a UCLA/Auburn final with UCLA coming out on top in a low scoring affaire.

Runner up: Auburn

Winner: UCLA (+255)

College Park Regional hosted by Maryland

  • #2 Wake Forest (40-17-1) vs. #3 UConn (46-13), 1 p.m., ESPNU

  • #1 Maryland (45-12) vs. #4 LIU (37-19), 7 p.m., ESPN+

According to the committee the Big 10 is down so how can we trust Maryland here as a 1 seed? Wake Forest is the odds on favorite to win the regional but I believe it will be the 3-seed UConn Huskies getting out of College Park with a regional trophy:

Runner Up: Maryland

Winner: UConn (+450)

Statesboro Regional hosted by Ga. Southern

  • #2 Notre Dame (35-14) vs. #3 Texas Tech (37-20), 2 p.m., ACCN

  • #1 Ga. Southern (40-18) vs. #4 UNC Greensboro (34-28), 7 p.m., ESPN+

This was another criminal decision by the committee sending the 14 loss Irish on the road to Georgia Southern and not allowing them to host this year. No respect for the ACC. I think the Irish take their anger out on the field and head to the supers.

Runner up: Ga. Southern

Winner: Notre Dame (+145)

Super Regional Predictions:

Tennessee Over Notre Dame (2 Games) - Not only did ND not host but they have to face Tennessee if they win their regional, woof.

Texas Over UVA (3 Games)

TCU over Louisville (2 Games)

Virginia Tech over Florida (3 Games)

Texas St over UConn (3 Games)

Oklahoma St over VCU (2 Games)

LSU over Miami (3 Games(

Vandy over UCLA (3 Games)

National Championship

Tennessee over LSU (2 Games)

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