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Are the Mets Overrated?

Guys, I am nervous. This is pretty much the first time in my lifetime that the New York Metropolitans have had World Series type expectations before the season has even started and I have no idea how to act as a fan. I am used to being defensive and having to convince myself that Jeff McNeil and JD Davis are superstars (who are playing out of position) and that they can carry us to the playoffs. BUT NOW we have one of the best shortstops in the league, a catcher who can actually throw runners out and a very solid starting rotation, THINGS ARE LOOKING GOOD!

The addition of Francisco Lindor and Cookie Carrasco has completely changed the lineup and starting rotation for this team and immediately puts them in the conversation as one of the best teams in baseball or at least that is what Mets fans want to believe.

The Mets still need a Centerfielder. Something the Mets have not had in many years. Of course I would love a guy like George Springer but a contract like his may handcuff the Mets (Like the Stanton and Cole contracts in the Bronx) and would hurt their ability to resign a guy like Michael Conforto, which is a must if you ask me.

Just give me a guy who can run down fly balls, like JBJ, and I would be ecstatic. The Wilpons might as well have put a tent up in the outfield at Citi Field (to make extra revenue, of course) over the past few years because the outfield has been an absolute circus. From JD Davis looking like a fish out of water in LF to Dom Smith, the best defensive first basemen on the team, having to track down fly balls to Nimmo misplaying balls over his head year in and year out, its time to get guys who actually play the outfield and who can play it well.

A move like this would allow the Mets to round out the bullpen and I think they would be in business.

I am a little concerned with having JD Davis at 3B and McNeil at 2B but unfortunately that is what the Mets are going to have to live with for the time being. They both can swing it but they are also both defensive liabilities. Hopefully the Defensive Runs Saved by Lindor will offset the Runs that will be let up by those two defensively.

Defense is something that can't be overlooked as all Mets fans know this cost them a World Series in 2015.

Also, side note, I really don't want Trevor Bauer. Guy is a good pitcher but his YouTube videos and annoying troll type tweets are not something I want in the clubhouse in Queens. So that guy can go waste away in Anaheim with Mike Trout and never make a World Series run for the rest of his career.

All non-Mets fans who read this will probably let me know that "they are still the Mets" and that anything that can go wrong will go wrong but this is a different era. New ownership has completely changed the culture overnight and nothing (including revenue) will come in the way of winning a World Series. I think this team and organization is for real in 2021.

Lets go Mets!

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