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Can Luis Rojas Use a Different Lineup for all 60 Games?

In this young pandemic season we have seen 5 games for the Mets with 5 different lineups put out there. I am not a mathematician but I would love to know how many different combinations Luis Rojas can realistic put out there before repeating. Someone let me know the answer to this because I am actually curious.

Although I am very happy that he has not put Cano in the 3-hole yet and has moved Rosario to the lead-off spot, he still needs to find more consistent time for Dom Smith, who has been awesome throughout Summer Camp and in to the start of the season. He is a better defensive first-baseman than Pete and with the new DH rule you can have them both in the lineup with a stronger defense out there.

Speaking of stronger defense, Luis Rojas loves to put defensive replacements in at the end of games and it is driving me insane. I get having a stronger defense for the 9th inning, especially with Diaz giving up piss missiles during that time but at least make sure the guy you are putting in as the defensive replacements are not going to come up in the next half inning if the game is extended. On top of this, don't put them in with a 1-run lead in the 7th, it makes no sense.

Not to call out one player but I am going to; Jake Marisnick is maybe one of the worst offensive players I have ever seen in MLB and putting him in with a chance of that spot coming up in the lineup before the game is over is a huge mistake. The guy hit.211 in Houston in 2018 and he knew what pitchers were coming, I mean you can't get much worse than that. I think I can hit .211 in the bigs if I knew what was coming. But I digress.

The Mets still have a lot of figuring out to do, especially with McNeil struggling at third base but I respect the fact that Luis is going to keep changing things up until he gets it right. Its way better than the Mickey Callaway method where you bat Cano 3rd until you lose because "if its not broker, don't fix it," because that was the dumbest managing mindset in the history of baseball.

So far I would give Rojas a grade of a B on his managing though 5 games but if he can somehow find a way to put out a different lineup every game for all 60 games he will automatically get an A- because that would be extremely impressive. Hopefully the Mets can keep it going here in the early going and get into the Marlins/Orioles stretch a few games over .500. With our luck we will be way up in the division when the Marlins get the season cancelled in a few weeks because Florida ruins everything, but at least it was fun while it lasted. Anyways, Ya Gotta Believe.

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