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Evan Engram Drops Invite to Pro Bowl

I mean, are they kidding me with this decision? Evan Engram, the most overrated football player in the history of the Giants and maybe the NFL has somehow been elected to the NFL Pro Bowl. In case you didn't know, the Pro Bowl is supposed to be for the best players in the NFL and in 2020 fashion, the NFL has voted in Evan Engram, a Tight End who can't block or catch. BUT he can run fast for his position, which I guess is pretty cool (Al Davis would have loved him RIP). Besides running fast, Evan Engram cant do much of anything on the football field. Engram has been absolutely miserable all season with 572 receiving yards (decent if he wasn't lining up as a WR most of the time) and only 1 touchdown.

Engram has cost the Giants one of the most important games of the year (seen below) and has had many other horrendous drops throughout the season, to date (I am sure there will be more to come).

I mean this guy can't catch a well thrown ball from Danny Dimes but we are going to reward him with a trip to the Pro Bowl? What are we doing NFL! Robert Tonyan, a guy who has probably been dreaming of a Pro Bowl his whole life, was definitely awaiting that call last night letting him know hes one of the best TE in the NFL. But instead he has to see on twitter that they have given Evan "Hot Hands" Engram the nod over him. What a snub!

Tonyan, who has had a career year for the Packers, has brought in 10 Touchdowns (compared to Engrams 1) and can actually block, WHICH IS THE MAIN THING A TIGHT END IS SUPPOSED TO DO!

I am honestly at a loss for words. I legit thought that when Evan Engram tweeted that he made the Pro Bowl that it was just a prank. PLEASE SAY THIS IS A PRANK.

The one silver lining of all of this is we can now put "Pro Bowler" on Evan Engram's resume which means the G-Men can now sell him high and get some draft picks in return. I heard the Jets are looking for a Tight End. The #2 pick for Even Engram straight up would be a great move for gang green, who says no? Sam Darnold needs more weapons now that he is officially the future with his win against the Rams.

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