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Exhibition Games are Dumb

I was very excited to get live baseball back in New York, as I am sure many others were. Seeing the Mets and Yankees play in their respective stadiums, in New York, was one of the best things that has happened since mid March. Although there was a ton of excitement surrounding these games we all have to realize that these games were just an exhibition, which means they do not count, which is why it is dumb to get excited or upset about them.

I never thought in my life time I would see Yankee fans (who constantly make fun of Mets fans for tweeting about "meaningless" games) get so amped up over two exhibition games. I mean sure it is great to see Aaron Judge hit two home runs while he is healthy for a few weeks (that many injuries in a young career for a man with that much muscle seems suspicious, just saying). Its also great to see Giancarlo Stanton get a ball in his swing plain, that he never changes, which he was able to hit over the fence. Its also great to see one of the worst defensive catcher in the league hit like he did last night to show he is worthy of being in the lineup. These are all great! The big thing here is though that none of this counted and they did it off guys who won't be playing for a major league team this season.

As for the Mets, they didn't put a full lineup together each night and their top pitchers really did not throw this weekend. Yes the box score shows that Diaz gave up a run on Saturday but there was an error and a bloop single, that any other RF would have caught, and then the runners were inherited by Zamora, who got absolutely ripped. So those do not count, along with the rest of the game because it is an exhibition.

This all being said, I really hope Rojas does not hit Robbie Cano in the 3 hole all season long. The guy may actually be 40 years old and probably should not be playing the field at his age, let alone batting that high up in the order. I am confident that come Friday at 4:10, the best opening day team in Major League history will be ready to go and I cannot be more excited.

After a great weekend of live baseball, both the Mets and Yankees are now 0-0 and a run at the pandemic world series will commence. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

Ya Gotta Believe.

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