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Field of Dreams Game Must Go On

According to a recent statement from Major League Baseball, they are still going to play the Field of Dreams Game this year. Now, I originally tweeted that I felt like this game needed fans.

I then, completely retracted my statement a mere 10 minutes later.

Having 0-10 people watching this game live is the best possible outcome for the game and I would venture to say, it is the outcome that the child in all of us would prefer. Some of the best players in the game, playing in a random town in Iowa, with a cornfield wall, is exactly what the people need right now. Don't put up grandstands, no sideline reporters, just baseball, in its purest form. That's it.

P.S. Fun labor negotiations fact, the teams have to pay the players a lot more for a game not at a MLB stadium. I wonder what kind of agreement they came to on that issue.

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