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Gerrit Cole - The King of the First Inning Tater

Before Yankee fans get all butt-hurt from the headline, just know this will be a pro-Gerrit Cole blog, so lets all take a deep breath before we get started.

Although it is only a small sample size, Gerrit Cole is starting to make a tradition of giving up first inning bombs before settling in and dominating. In the first inning of two separate inter-squad games (I get they don't count) and then tonight on opening day, Cole has given up some monster home runs. However right after giving up those home runs, Cole has went on to dominate in each of these outings, scattering a few hits (none in the shortened opening day game last night) and striking out a bunch.

With this starting to become a theme, I am starting to question if he is doing this on purpose. Its like he feels bad for his opponents because his stuff is so good that he likes to give them their moment in the sun early on, to make them feel like they have a shot. If this is the case, this Gerrit Cole guy is a real gentleman, and I appreciate that. If I am a Yankee fan, I am almost hoping he gives up a home run in every first inning he pitches because of how dominant he has been immediately after.

Its something to keep and eye on for the rest of the year and will be interested to see when the Yanks make their way back to that tiny ballpark in the Bronx if it all continues.

This all being said, Gerrit Cole had a solid start to his Yankees career and as long as the control issues he faced early go away, he is going to have a great year. I mean a 1 hitter in your Yankees debut is incredible. Lets just ignore the fact that he only threw 5 innings and the defending World Series champs have a completely different lineup from last year because that all doesn't matter right now. What matters is the guy dominated and is probably on his way to his first ever Cy Young. Its never too soon to crown em!

Is the guy worth $36M a year, probably not, because who is? But he will be a great addition to this team and in a season where your ace can pitch in 20% of your regular season games, He is going to give the Yankees a great shot to be the 1 seed in the new MLB Postseason.

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