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How Bout Dem Birds!

Lets first start off with, tanking has been a thing in the NFL for years (major problem) and the Eagles did nothing out of the ordinary if they just decided to tank on Sunday night to get the 6th pick instead of the 9th pick. I actually wish the Giants did this last year to get Chase Young, but I digress.

The Giants in no way deserved to make the playoffs being 6-10 but in the awful NFC East this year, that was still a possibility and the performance by the Philadelphia Eagles in PRIMETIME was the biggest disgrace and slap in the face to the NFL that I have ever seen.

I mean just watch Jason Kelce just not block anyone in the 4th quarter of last nights game. Poor Nate Sudfeld. Its exactly like the scene from Longest Yard when the O-Line lets Adam Sandler get the shit kicked out of him because he was trying to throw the game and let the guards win. Maybe they are making a remake that we don't know about and Doug Pederson is the main character. Would be the first non-fictional movie character with a statue in Philadelphia History.

I hope for poor Nate Sudfeld's sake that Doug Pederson is at least paying his salary for the next few years because there is a 0% chance anyone ever picks this guy up again. But then again, Nate Peterman did get another shot!

My thought with tanking in this game is: A.) just start Nate Sudfeld if you don't want to win. Everyone would have understood more if you started this guy and threw the game away. I also could have went to bed earlier. B.) Let the NFL know that you are probably not going to try so they wouldn't have flexed your game in to primetime. I get that the WFT had a win and get in situation but so did the Colts against the Jags and at least the Jags would have laid it all on the line.

I do get that Hurts was not throwing the ball well, but his ability to run was keeping the Eagles in the game and he 100% would have had a chance to lead the Eagles down the field and win that game in the 4th quarter last night. He even know that what the Eagles were doing was a joke and I would be surprised if he has any confidence left in Doug Pederson's loserish actions, Nick Saban would never.

Again, did the Giants deserve the make the playoffs? No, they made their own bed thanks to Pro Bowler Evan Engram having hands for feet. But the way the Eagles went about this game was laughable and a disgrace to the integrity of the NFL. This game alone should force Goodell to change the NFL draft to a lottery system and not allow teams to throw away games at the end of the year.

Can't wait to see Marquez Stevenson (from Houston) run a 4.35 at the NFL combine and have Doug Pederson licking his chops to draft him with that 6th overall pick he proudly earned. After being an Eagles fan for about 8 hours I have quickly realized that Doug Pederson may actually be the problem in Philadelphia and it may be time to move on. Maybe the Eagles can just hire a new head coach and use that 6th pick to get their QB of the future, who knows.

What I do know is Joe Judge is going to be out for blood when he plays the Eagles in 2021 and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the New York Football Giants.

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