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Is the PGA Worried About Getting too Popular?

In a game that is becoming tremendously popular among the younger generations, golf, just blew a huge opportunity to "grow the game" by not televising one of the most exciting endings to a golf tournament in sometime, live on Sunday afternoon.

There are literally no sports on TV, we are all dying for something to watch other than Netflix and the PGA made sure to not take advantage of the opportunity. Stopping mostly all golf fans from watching a playoff between two young incredible golfers, Collin Morikawa and Justin Thomas.

There were 50 foot putts being drained, pin-seekers on par 3's just missing hole-in-ones and a mini collapse by Thomas on the final 2 holes.

This would have been all very exciting to watch except twitter spoiled it all before I was able to watch it 3 HOURS AFTER it all actually happened. I don't understand why they did this when it was being streamed live on some PGA apps and services. They had the ability to show it live on CBS and other platforms, but

they just chose not to. I am sure CBS has way better things to show right now on a Sunday in the summer. Its as if the PGA is worried about god-forbid getting too big of a fan base. Would really suck for them to make more money. At least they are putting a PGA video game out again.

A big swing and miss for the PGA and golf this weekend. Better luck next pandemic.

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