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Marcus Stroman - Expert Businessman

Well as if the Mets starting rotation didn't suck already, Marcus Stroman has decided to opt out of the 2020 season due to health concerns, which leaves the Metropolitan's in quite the predicament when trying to figure out how to round out the rotation for the rest of 2020.

It's always good when you can trade two solid prospects for a guy who would go onto play just 11 games for your team, while also finishing in 3rd place after trading for him at the deadline. This is exactly what the Mets got from Stro since trading for him last season. Stroman wasn't the same pitcher in NY that he was to start the season in Toronto, as is tradition with all Mets acquisitions.

This was in fact the dumbest thing I have ever tweeted. I always have so much hope every time the Mets pick up a big name and it has never once panned out besides Mike Piazza. But anyways.

Although this is probably not a popular opinion among Mets fans, I think Stroman made the smartest business decision of all time with this move to opt out of the 2020 season. He is coming off a calf injury and an average 2nd half of 2019, right before the biggest off season of his life as he will become a top 10 free agent at the end of the 2020 season. He made sure to get enough service time before opting out so that the season counted towards his contract and now can move on to focusing on his next stop in his career, with hopefully a lot more money in his bank account. If Stroman played, got injured or had a bad season, he could have significantly hurt his market and value come this off season. As a professional baseball player you get one shot to get your big contract and this right now is Stroman's chance to cash in.

By the way, the team control that players are under to start their career is criminal. Teams mess with service time to prolong player control year in and year out, but this is a conversation for another blog.

As I am writing this Steve Matz has started his own home run derby at Citi Field and the Mets are almost officially dead. At least we have baseball this year during this time, got to look at the bright side. Hopefully Manfred lets every team into the playoffs by the end of the season. Ya Gotta Believe.

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