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Mets able to Sign Bauer After Big Trading Day for Point72

Well 2021 is off to wild start isn't it?! We are not even at the end of January and the Mets have a GM sending out dick picks and an owner who people are trying to drag through the mud on twitter because hedge funds are getting torched by reddit stock traders. Plus our Uncle is starting to roll in the mud with Dave Portnoy, WHICH NEVER ENDS WELL FOR THE OPPOSING PARTY!

First off, I don't know a ton about the stock market but almost 100% positive that whatever RobinHood is doing is illegal. That being said, I am also 100% positive that RobinHood being scumbags has helped our rich Uncle recover his losses from yesterday, which in turn should lead to the signing of Trevor Bauer.

Side note: Steve Cohen is extremely poor with his punctuations on Twitter. I mean I am sure I am too but he is a billionaire so it boggles my mind. But I digress.

The Mets somehow were able to dish the $5.2M owed to Steve Matz to the Blue Jays, which is a miracle in itself after his 2020 season. With that the Mets freed up extra cash which hopefully means a big splash like Bauer is coming soon. Also for the love of God sign JBJ! Desperately need a Centerfielder who can actually play Centerfield.

Signing Bauer would have to give the Mets the best starting rotation in baseball with Cy Young's and All stars up and down the 5 man rotation. Starting Pitching wins championships and having a rotation with DeGrom, Bauer, Syndergaard, Cookie and Stroman will fully legitimize the NY Mets in 2021.

Now for the negatives. I am completely against signing a guy for $30M+ a year especially when he had 1.5 good seasons, so far in his career. Not only has he not had consistent success (better as of late) but he seems to be the biggest pain in the ass in the clubhouse. I mean the guy legit threw a ball over the CF fence when he was getting taken out of a game. He also once cut his finger on a drone , which is the most Mets type injury of all time, which kept him out for a few starts. If this happened in NY he would have been absolutely torched by the NY media. To top it all off his vlogs aren't actually that good, kind of boring to be honest. The one good thing is at least we wouldn't be giving this much money to a guy who has never won a Cy Young before like Gerrit Cole.

Do I think that signing Bauer makes the Mets a better team in 2021, of course I do. But do I think that it is the right move for the Mets long-term, absolutely not. Given how long the contract is, this will most likely tie up a ton of money that could be used to resign everyday guys like Lindor and Conforto to long term deals. If I was the GM I would sign JBJ, explore a trade for a 3B and let Peterson be the 5th guy in my rotation, just to have a left handed presence on the staff.

Anyways, S/O RobinHood for giving the Mets the ability to make a move like Trevor Bauer, you're still scumbags, but thank you. Hopefully in the time it took me to blog this our crazy rich Uncle didn't get deeper into the Mud with Portnoy. Kind of nervous to see how that all plays out. Its like a car crash, I can't look away. But I am also getting heartburn looking at it. but honestly that could just be the bacon I added to my Jersey Mikes for lunch.

Lets go Mets.

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