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UPDATED - Mets Starting Rotation Update - NOT GOOD

If any other team were to announce that their ace pitcher left for some back tightness in a "Summer Camp" game, there probably wouldn't be too much concern. Most likely they are just being cautious and making sure their stud is in the best possible health going into the season.

However, when you are a fan of the New York Mets anything that can go wrong, will go wrong and this back tightness for Jacob deGrom may not be lookin' so good for the boys in Queens. Even with the addition of Porcello and Wacha to go along side Stroman (all-star and American baseball hero) and Matz, the loss of deGrom, for any amount of time, could be deadly.

I have a ton of confidence in the Mets bullpen with the addition of Betances and hopefully a new and improved Edwin Diaz (probably not though), but losing your ace pitcher is a huge blow, especially when an injury can sideline him for half the season with only 60 games to play.

I am still believing, as all of us Mets fans should, but limping into a shortened season could be very, very bad.

At least Uncle Steve or this other Prince Charles looking guy with $31-Bill will save us this off-season. This year really doesn't count anyway.


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