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Not-So-Happy Bobby Bonilla Day

As if rooting for the Mets wasn't tough enough, today Twitter will be filled with Tweets of “Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!” from every Yankee and Phillies fan on the face of the earth (its only 8:45 AM and I have already received 7 personal text). Of course Mets fans already know that their favorite team is the dumbest sports franchise (The Knicks are a close second) of all time but every July 1st we are reminded once again.

On every July 1st UNTIL 2035 the New York Mets will pay Bobby Bonilla $1.2M until he receives all of the $29.8M that they owe him, on his $6M contract. Yes you read that correctly. The Mets were only on the hook for $6M in 1999 and these bozos decided to defer the money until 2011 with 8% interest making the total payout around $29.8M.

We already know the Mets make some awful decisions on the field but off the field they surprisingly make even worse financial decisions. How the heck did the Wilpon's get rich in the first place? The Wilpon's were one of Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme victims and Fred WIlpon thought it would be a good idea to invest that $6M since the returns he was getting on his investments through Madoff were unreal, which they were in fact unreal.

I am not sure what is considered the worst contract in professional sports history but if this isn't #1 I would love to know what is. I guess Chris Davis has been an absolute dumpster fire for the Orioles but at least he is still on their roster as they pay him. Maybe with this new DH rule in the NL we can bring Bobby Bo back to hit out of the clean up spot in 2020. Can’t be worse than adding Tim Tebow to the 60 man roster. God help us. Ya Gotta Believe.

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