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So as most of you know, I absolutely love to hear myself talk, especially after a few Scotches. With that being said, I am not much of a writer. I typically just guess as to where to put commas and other punctuation marks and when I sit down to write something out, I typically delete it about half way through the process and then go back to the Scotch. But as I sit here this morning, with my morning cup of 0.28 cent k-cup coffee, I realize how much I love tweeting and maybe, just maybe, if I just expand upon my tweets it could be a blog. The one thing I promise you in my blog career is (does a comma go here? No clue) at the top of the screen where it tells you how long the read will take you, that number will never be higher than a 2. Enjoy your Saturday!

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Paddy Westside you add as many commas as your heart desires! I expect to see that comma on your keyboard worn the F out lol look forward to reading more of your blog in the future! Best of luck on this new adventure Pat

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