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Predictions that Don't Matter - Mets 2020 Schedule Release

Looking and complaining about a schedule when it is first released is one of the dumbest things a sports fan can do. Teams change a ton from year to year and just because a team was booty cheeks the year before doesn't mean they are going to be awful again, unless you're the Orioles. With that, we are in the middle of a pandemic and there is nothing else to do, so here we go!

When you play in one of the toughest divisions in Major League Baseball, of course your schedule is going to be tough in a 60 game season. The Mets have the toughest schedule in the league through August 7th (aka they play the Marlins 10 times from August 7th to August 27th) which sounds like a ridiculous stat but that is 1/4th of the season.

Lucky enough for the Mets they get to play the Orioles and Marlins 14 times in a little over a month, from August 7th to September 9th, which should bode well for them in the middle of the shortened season. No matter how many years go by, these two organizations will always have trouble, minus the few miraculous World Series the Marlins like to sprinkle in from time to time, before they decide not to pay anyone and rebuild again. This should allow the Mets to go on a solid run and hopefully give some wiggle room coming down the stretch, which they are going to need with the final few weeks of their schedule.

The final stretch of the season will be grueling having to face the 3 other competent teams in the N.L. East (Phillies, Braves and Nats) as well as the Rays and the young and hungry Blue Jays.

The Mets have a lot going for them this year. This is a team that always plays well in the 2nd half, in a season that is only a 2nd half. As well as being an historically great opening day team which will leave them one up in the division on the Braves with only 59 games left to play, if history repeats itself, which I am told it tends to do.

As I stated in past blogs, it is only fitting that the Mets win the most bootleg World Series of all time, so be ready for them to make a run. HOWEVA *Stephen A. Smith voice* it would also be awesome to be known as the Pandemic Champions (put that on a tee shirt).

Prediction: 34-26, squeak into the Playoffs, win the Pandemic World Series.

As always my friends, ya gotta believe!

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