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Show Me The Money! - Top 5 Value Picks to win the 2020 World Series*

Let me start by saying I am the absolute worst gambler to ever walk the face of the earth. It would be in your best financial interest to fade me whenever possible. That being said if you win with any of my picks below please feel free to graciously send 10% of your winnings via Venmo to @Anthony-Cirillo (CashApp if you want to sponsor I will gladly switch over).

In my opinion these are the top 5 top value picks on the board as of today and no its not biased if I have the Mets in here, they are actually really good, really good. In case you are new to gambling (please play responsibly) the numbers next to the teams would be the amount you would win if you bet $100.

Top 5 Value Picks - 2020 World Series

1. Los Angeles Angels +3500

When you can get the greatest player to ever step on a baseball field at this value while adding a reigning World Series champion and one of the best hitters in the league, you have to take it. This is the biggest no brainier of them all. Clearly the pitching is questionable at best but the additions of Bundy and Teheran can give a little depth and could help get them into the mix. If Ohtani can stay healthy, he could be the spark that the Angels need to get over the hump on the bump.

2. New York Mets +2200

Ok, ok, I know what you’re saying, I don't really know who this guy is but he is clearly partial towards the Mets and anything he says about the Mets should be taken with a grain of salt. THAT BEING SAID, the New York Metropolitan's are the best 2nd half team in baseball. The young talent along with the starting pitching and newly acquired bullpen depth makes them a serious problem in a shortened season. The addition of Betances changes this bullpen for me and I think Edwin Diaz playing in front of 0 fans is a huge plus. Guys got the tightest butt hole in the league when it comes to pressure situations but if there are no fans to heckle him he may be alright. The DH spot being added to the NL will drastically improve the Mets lineup as they can now play Cano or Cespedes night in and night out. On top of all of this it would be the most Mets thing of all time to win a World Series in a season that doesn't really count.

3. Chicago Cubs +2800

This is essentially the same Cubs team, minus Chapman and Arreita, that won the 2016 World Series. Given the playoff experience and having arguably one of the best infields in baseball, the Cubs are a legitimate threat to compete for another World Series. The DH will also play very much into the Cubs favor as they won't have to put up a tent up in left-field for the circus that is Kyle Schwarber’s outfield abilities.

4. Philadelphia Phillies +2500

This one pains me so much to put in here. Ever since Jimmy Rollins refused to sign my baseball in 2006 because I was a Mets fan, I have absolutely despised the Philadelphia Phillies. BUT as a new blogger I need to be unbiased and give credit where credit is due, so here it goes. The Phillies have made some big moves in the off-season adding Didi and Wheeler which gives them a solid 1,2, 3 in the rotation and an all around solid player in Didi to hold down the already talented infield. On top of all of this Bryce Harper is bound to have a big year with another year of protection from Hoskins and Realmuto. If it wasn’t for the dog shit bullpen that the Phillies love to roll out there night in and night out I believe they would be a favorite to win the World Series. Maybe they can make a move at the Trade Deadline, which is probably nonexistent since there are only 60 games but who knows. There are runners starting at 2nd base in extra innings so anything is possible.

5. Toronto Blue Jays - +10000

This one is probably a little ridiculous but hear me out. The Blue Jays have a very solid core of young players in Vlad Jr, Cavan Biggio, Bo Bichette and Gurriel Jr., along with the addition of the Mayor of Ding Dong City, Travis Shaw. I strongly believe that this shortened season will play into the Blue Jays hands as their young players won't have to endure the grind of a 162 game season and can let it all hang out for 60 games. As is the theme of all of these teams, the pitching for the Blue Jays is pretty miserable but with this shortened season and potential high powered offense, I think they can be a team that can get hot and make some noise come playoff time.

Honorable Mention

Tampa Bay Rays +1700

Not really a long shot but they are solid and are used to playing in front of no fans so nothing will change in Tampa Bay.

Team to avoid

Houston Astros +800

No one likes cheaters. This would be dirty money and we don’t want any of that. However, +400 for Jose Altuve to get plunked first this year is a great pick and winning a bet like that would really get the blood flowing.

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