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Sorry We're Closed - Ep. 1 Review by Unbiased 3rd party

Since Pat did a review on Hamilton, which was spot on but also controversial, I felt like I should review his first ever podcast.

First off, if you haven't listed yet, I highly recommend you go to where ever you listen to Podcast and subscribe ASAP. I am not just saying this because Pat Light is a dear friend of mine or because he pays me through this website , because he doesn't since we literally make $0 and we are just doing this for the love of the game (but if someone would like to advertise sometime soon it would be very nice, so please help your boy out). Anyways, this is a legit 3rd party unbiased opinion and here is goes..

I did not know what to expect with episode #1 of Sorry We're Closed but I thought the real life Sam Malone did a phenomenal job, especially with the name choice. If you don't get it Pat will explain in more detail on the pod (is it ON the pod or IN the pod? Its like on Long Inland or in Long Island), but Sam Malone was a Red Sox reliever who wound up opening a bar after his playing days which sounds a lot like our guy Pat Light's life.

In case you didn't know Pat owns two bars but I am almost positive you do know because I haven't heard one interview or podcast that he has been on where he hasn't mentioned that within the first 30 seconds, but I digress.

It sounds like Pat will be having a different drink each podcast while discussing Baseball, other sports and maybe just life in general. He had a nice glass of Chivas Regal 12 on the rocks to start his first ever show where he discussed a lot of the shorted MLB season. He gave the old hesi to Mets fans saying they would make the World Series and then retracted his statement, which I didn't appreciate, but he makes some bold predictions as well as discussed all that is going on in baseball right now.

Sound quality and editing was fantastic, shout-out to Miranda, and the concept of the show, I believe ,will be very entertaining. Hoping that there is some video content coming as well or else that will be a huge miss for Mr. Light. Which also reminds me that you should subscribe to his YouTube Channel, again unbiased recommendation.

Really Looking forward to episode #2 and all of the guest that Pat teased in today's episode. Would really love Mookie Metts, I mean Betts, to come on the Pod. Would be incredible. Anyways, enjoy episode #1 and also don't get confused that he starts it with good evening, its his first ever podcast, give him a break.

PS - If he doesn't refer to his fan-base as the "Closers" it would be a big disappointment. Seems like a no brainier to me.

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