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Tiger is Back and so is winning money. Ac's Bad Picks - Memorial Edition

At one point in Tiger Woods' career you were able to bet Tiger or the field to win a golf tournament. Just think about how stupid that is. You get like 100+ golfers or Tiger Woods and the odds for the field weren't even as great as you would think.

Now in 2020, you can bet Tiger Woods at Muirfield Golf Club, where he has won 5-times, for +2500. A bet on Tiger Woods this weekend is the biggest no brainer of all time. Even if you aren't much of a sports gambler you can put $10 on the GOAT to win $250, you can't beat that. Plus you probably would have spent 10x that at a bar if they were open this weekend so make a little investment instead of blowing your money on something dumb.

Although I am confident in Tiger this weekend here are a few other plays:

Collin Morikawa +2200

He won here last week so its an easy play at those odds.

Tony Finau +5500

Shot a 59 in a family golf round which was broadcasted on his Instagram, so that seems pretty good.

Jordan Speith +7000

He was good at one time and maybe he can do it again. Only thing that worries me is due to his slow balding he is afraid to take off his hat and that lack of confidence is not good for your golf game.

Matthew Wolf +15000

Because the hitch in his swing will make you feel good about your own and he's been playing pretty well.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

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