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Will the Mets have to settle for Nolan Arenado?

In this bizzaro world of 2020 we are living in, New York Mets fans are currently trying to figure out if acquiring 8 time gold glover (4 time platinum glove) and 5 time All-Star, Nolan Arenado,

would be a good idea for the organization. Hmm, lets think about this.

..a guy currently in his prime, who typically doesn't miss any games and plays phenomenal defense? SIGN ME UP!

"Oh but AC, he makes too much money, what will we do?" We are currently paying a guy who is probably 45 year old in Robinson Cano $23M a year! Send him off to Colorado and only do the trade if the Rockies will eat some of the contract. The Rockies have no leverage at all here. There's a player option at the end of this season and there's a negative percent chance that Arenado opts back in if he wants to win a championship.

"Ok fine, we can deal with the contract, but have you seen the home and road splits?" First off its very typical for a player to hit better at home then on the road. Maybe the home run numbers will be slightly down leaving Coors field but then again, maybe not. Arenado, excluding the 2020 season, has averaged about 18 Home Runs on the road per year while also hitting .270 during that span. THE GUY SLUGGED .521 ON THE ROAD IN 2019! He is very good.

The biggest thing for me is that Arenado is one of, if not THE, best infielders in the league and he rarely misses any time. The Mets biggest problem, besides having the worst owners in sports for the past few decades, was that they can never stay healthy. Also they play almost everyone out of position which drives me absolutely insane. So to get a 3rd basemen who will play great defense, stay healthy and be a staple in the middle of the order for years to come seems like a no brainier to me.

"Alright, he seems like a great fit, but what if we have to give up Noah Syndergaard for him?!" Holy Moly, you are tough to please. Listen, I don't think the Mets will deal Noah as there is no need to throw him out there with the little amount of leverage that the Rockies have BUT if they did have to dish Noah, lets think about this. The guy pitches maybe 5 innings every 5th day. Although he is electric when he pitches well he has had some rough patches and also struggles to stay healthy. after all that he is a Free Agent after this year. So just have Uncle Steve whisper to Noah that he will see him in 2022, send him off to Colorado, only yo bring him back to Queens the following year. Just like the Yankees did with Chapman in the Cubs trade. Just please don't give up Baty if we do this. I can't have another Jarred Kelenic or Scott Kazmir moment as a Mets fan, I just can't do it.

I hope this has helped you realize that bringing Nolan Arenado to Queens would be a great fit for the New York Mets who haven't had a good 3rd basemen, besides David Wright, in franchise history. Let me just put on record that I would take Lindor over Arenado if there was an option and I feel like a spoiled Yankee fan saying that because that's what my arrogant Yankee fan friends would say but that's what happens when you get a rich new owner so if you don't like it piss off.

Being a Mets fan is kind of fun right now, who would have ever thunk it?

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