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Ya Gotta Believe?

If you are wondering how a professional baseball team can have the worst 5 day span in the history of sports look no further than the 2020 pandemic Mets. From two miserable performances by the bullpen on Wednesday (6-5 Loss to the Red Sox) and Friday (11-10 Loss to the Braves, 8-2 lead blown), to leaving 11 and 13 runners on base, Saturday and Sunday respectively, to not knowing where Yoenis Cespedes is. The Mets have really put us through a whole season of emotions in only a weeks time.

I mean I don't even know where to begin here. The Mets bullpen is an absolute joke. It was suppose to be one of the bright spots of the team but when Seth Lugo can't even figure it out that is when you know things are NOT GOOD. Betances and Porcello, two "big" off season acquisitions, are awful and may be over the hill in their baseball careers. We traded our top prospect, who had so much promise, for a guy who can't control his fastball and a below average slider in Diaz. I mean at least we got Robbie Cano in the deal, who may be 40 but at least hes playing well.

Oh and how about signing Jed Lowrie over DJ LeMahieu? What a move by Brodie, the guy doesn't miss! I feel awful for Jed Lowrie and the injuries he is facing but I mean having the guy who should have signed across town dominating is the most Mets thing I have ever heard.

Then there is the offense, who loves getting on base but also loves rolling over into double plays with the slowest lineup in the history of baseball. I am almost positive they have set a record for most double plays in the history of MLB and we are only 10 games in. They also love striking out with a guy on 3rd base and less than two outs, the one literal thing you can't do when you're in that position. How do you get 13 guys on base and not score a single run?! That has to be nearly impossible to do. I imagine that might be harder to do then pitching a perfect game but don't fact check me on that.

THEN to top is all off, Yoenis Cespedes "goes missing" and does not show up for the game on Sunday afternoon. The Mets release the worst PR statement of all time saying they have no idea where he is and can't contact him and then later tell us he has opted out. My thought was, maybe the guy got an early tee time and didn't realize it was an afternoon game but no he just opted out of the season, apparently without telling anyone. I find this hard to believe that they didn't know he was opting out since they made an odd move to trade for Billy Hamilton in the morning. I understand that we DFA'd Humphreys which got us Hamilton but in a world full of conspiracy theorist right now I am going to put my tin foil hat on here and say that the Mets knew damn well Yoenis was opting out but they just didn't want the fans to freak out in the middle of a losing streak.

I have been on many roller coasters as a Mets fans but the amount of ups and downs this season has had in a short period time is enough to make any one on this ride to throw up. We all knew they would win opening day, as is tradition, and we knew at some point Diaz would blow at least one save, as is also tradition. However, we did not expect that all to come in the first week of baseball but it did and here we are. A season with no hope, in the middle of a pandemic with nothing to look forward. The life of a Mets fan is not easy. All we can hope for now is the Yankees win a World Series so we can put as asterisks next to their 28* world championships.

Ya Gotta Believe, I guess, I don't know anymore.

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